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By Youtube User
[PC] State of Decay Trainer +11 (For Update 9 and DLC - Game Version Jan/22/2014)

Download : http://yellotrainer.net/?p=120

Required Framework 4
Required Winrar 5 for decompress

Go Here for trainer for Update 10 : http://yellotrainer.net/?p=130

State of Decay - Yello Trainer +11

Work on Base Game with Update 9
Work on BreakDown DLC with Update 9
Game Version

Infinite Health - F1 Enable/Disable
Infinite Resistence - F2 Enable/Disable
Infinite Ammo + No Reaload - F3 Enable/Disable
Infinite Weapons Durability - F4 Enable/Disable
Fast Loot - F5 Enable/Disable
999 Influence and Stockpiles and Full Morale Bar - F6 Enable/Disable
Unlimited Items - F7 Enable/Disable
Disable Radio CountDown - F8 Enable/Disable
Save Position - F9
Teleport to Saved Position - F12
Return to Original Position - F11

Warning: A trainer is a fan-made program that works by modifying values in a game's memory space. Use at your own risk. Because of the nature of the program, it may be picked up by your antivirus software as being suspicious, regardless of whether or not there is an actual threat.

State of Decay
State of Decay
State of Decay 9
State of Decay Update
State of Decay Update 9
State of Decay Cheat
State of Decay Trainer
State of Decay Unlimited
State of Decay Infinite
State of Decay Health
State of Decay Energy
State of Decay Ammo
State of Decay Resistence
State of Decay Influence
State of Decay Stockpiles
State of Decay Teleport
State of Decay Morale
State of Decay Radio
State of Decay Countdown
State of Decay YelloTrainer
State of Decay Yello Trainer
Yello Trainer
sod Update 9
sod 9
sod Breakdown
sod infinite
sod unlimited
sod trainer
sod cheat
sod Yellotrainer
sod Yello Trainer
sod update
sod influence
sod stockpiles
Breakdown 9
Breakdown update
Breakdown Update 9
Breakdown Cheat
Breakdown Trainer
Breakdown Unlimited
Breakdown Infinite
Breakdown Health
Breakdown Energy
Breakdown Ammo
Breakdown Resistence
Breakdown Influence
Breakdown Stockpiles
Breakdown Teleport
Breakdown Morale
Breakdown Radio
Breakdown Countdown
Breakdown Yellotrainer
Breakdown Yello Trainer

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